Mickey Gleason

It has taken me some time to sit down and release this to everyone, most of you know me and I have tried to keep the internet a small part of my life.  I wanted the information to be passed on by the parents to their family and loved ones instead of them be notified by social media.

Eleventh day of June, Sunday, 2017.  This is a day, a historical day, in the LSQR, Mikey “The Rocket” Gleason Jr   passed from  fatal injuries from a crash at one of the LSQR events.    From the beginning of this organization Michele and I, as well as every participant knew that we were involved in a activity that increased the chances of us getting hurt or even dying. Something we hoped would never happen.    We have been fortunate to be a part of so may peoples lives.   So why do we go on???

    Mikey “The Rocket” Gleason is that reason!        The smile on that young mans face every time he wrapped his leg around his quad was only matched by the ones on his parents face as he rode his quad.  If you were not fortunate enough to know this young man, then you will possibley never understand passion for competing on an ATV ever.  Unfortunately this young man will not be sharing his love for riding a quad with us any longer.  Mikey is one of the main reasons that Michele and I put these events on even after our own daughter has moved away.  We both understand and cherish what this sport has done for our kids, and families.  We see kids get bumps and bruises, and we pray that nothing bad ever happens to any of them.  So I ask you why, when something like this happens, especially to such an undeserving young man.  Undeserving you may question, this young man was God fearing, extremely respectful,  and heaven forbid you ever see him without a smile on his face.  He smiled and laughed and got along with every person he met at the track.   We have all lost loved ones at some point, and the question that is impossible to answer is why did God chose this loving passionate young man before he had a chance to even get his life started good.   As my wife and I talked out this today, deliberating on the future, I asked her this question.    Keep in mind I have asked her this before in similar situations, and her reply is I dont know!  God has a plan she would say.     But today was different and she answered my question like someone has instantly put it in her brain.  Her answer to my question was” God had something much bigger for him to do than racing his quad. ”   And friends…….. I believe that like God told me himself.    Mikey Gleason will be the reason this organization will go on, and we will pursue this in remembrance of him.   We as a family will stay strong and help Mikey’s family through this time of Crisis.  Mike Sr and his wife Jessica are two of the finest human beings I have been blessed to have in my life, and we and every member of the LSQR sends our deepest condolences to you and your families.  The number 717 will be a mandetory number placed on your quad somewhere visible and the  rider displaying this number will understand its significance from this day foward.  Our next event will be on July 9 at Rio Bravo and Saturday before practice I am calling for a mandetory riders meeting.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.