2019 APCS Round 1


Friday Feb. 22nd: Gates open at 9 am/close at midnight

  • practice on River track only for this day. Fee to practice is 30.00 per rider. 10-5, 3 Palms membership required for this day only. 6.00 per day or 20.00 per year.


Saturday Feb. 23rd: Gates open at 9 am/close at midnight

  • Organized Practice: 9-3 (everyone must have practice armband from track and American Powersports/you can pick up at scoring tower)
  • Early Registration: 3-5 (Scoring Tower at Main Track)
  • Tech Inspection: 2-4 (Joe Messina's Trailer) This is mandatory, you will not be allowed to race without passing Tech Inspection)

Sunday Feb. 24th: Gates open at 6:00am

  • Late Registration: Main Track scoring tower 6:30-7:30 am
  • Tech Inspection: Joe Messina's Trailer 6:30-7:30 am (everyone must have your quad pass tech before you can race)
  • Mandatory Riders meeting at Main track scoring tower: 8:00am
  • Practice: 8:15 am (organized/2 laps per practice class)
  • Opening Ceremonies: 9:00 am

3 Palms fee's: Friday practice on river track, 30.00 per rider with 3 Palms membership of 6.00 for the day or 20.00 for the year.

3 Palms practice fee for Saturday: 30.00 per rider (no membership fee required for rest of weekend for 3 palms)

Rv Hookups: 30.00 per day (call 936-321-8725 to reserve)
Primitive camping: 15.00 per day
Gate fee for Sunday: 10.00 per person, including racer.

American Powersports Fee's:

40.00 per class for amatures
50.00 for Expert class.

Membership is required to race with American Powersports Championship series: 10.00 for weekend or
60.00 per person ( we do have family rates that can be located in our rules)

American Powersports accepts cash and credit cards with a 3.00 service charge for American Powersports fee's only.

Online registration is open: www.americanpowersports.org/round-1

Please note to read and be familiar with our rules and regulations.
Everyone who races MUST have number plates with ledigble numbers attached to front and rear bumpers.

If you have any questions please email at: [email protected]