American Powersports Championship Series Award Ceremony

Date: January 19, 2019

Place: EMC Fair Association Building

Ceremony seating will start at 2:30, Dinner at 3:00

Splendora Mx Park will be open Friday the 18th starting at 5 and will close gates at midnight for anyone who wants to camp. RV sites will be available for 30.00 a night. If you're dry camping there will be no charge.
Once ceremony is over we will head back to the track for a bonfire and camping, possibly some night trail riding.
Sunday the track will be open for practice at no charge to our racers who raced with us this year.

We are taking raffle items, if you're interested in donating anything we would be happy to include it in our raffle.

Congrats to all the racers who placed this year and also Thank you to everyone who raced with our family!

More info to come, if you're interested in helping decorating, setting up, tearing down or donating raffle items please message me or email at [email protected]

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